Three One G Records threw live showcases earlier this year on August 13 at Soda Bar in San Diego and August 14 at The Echo in LA with Three One G founder Justin Pearson's band Deaf Club, Geronimo (mem Bastard Noise), and Secret Fun Club (whose drummer Sal Gallegos played in Some Girls with Pearson), and now we're premiering over an hour's worth of pro-shot footage from the shows.

"These were the first times we played live post lockdown, and I was very apprehensive," Sal Gallegos told us. "Honestly I'm not sure if we would’ve agreed to play if bands like Geronimo and Deaf Club weren’t playing as well. Those bands are incredible and totally inspiring not to mention some of the best dudes around. I’m definitely glad we played these shows and it’s super cool to see them documented this way."

"The DIY & DIO ethics of punk rock have lived on at Three One G for two and a half decades now. Reinforced further by the pandemic, was the feeling that we should take care of each other if we should fall down along the way," Deaf Club's Brian Amalfitano added. "These showcases felt like an extended hand of friendship to all the good people still out there trying to help and fight off bullshit and a big middle finger to selfish entitled assholes everywhere."

Brian's Deaf Club bandmate Tommy Meehan offered, "Playing these first shows with the band gave me perpetual diarrhea and I haven't recovered since. It's been like 3 months and I've lost around 15 pounds... I think I have E. Coli but I'd say it was worth it... Maybe it's a worm? I remember Geronimo dragged me to some very dark places for both of these performances. Twisted hellscape shit. Sweet dudes!"

And talking about watching the other two bands, Secret Fun Club's John Rieder said, "Geronimo’s originality and kinetic power had been sorely missed. Deaf Club totally flattened the crowd both nights, and Sal and I got to lock in some muscle memory around a few new songs. Plus, the venues were careful and considerate for most part given that the pandemic ain’t over. I’m thankful that Xavier was there to document and that Andy was able to stitch it all together."


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