Austin's Transit Method recently released their sophomore album The Madness on Brutal Panda Records, and they've now made a video for four of the album's songs, "Cage the Beast", "Paragon", "Backlash" and "Mutiny." Like a lot of Brutal Panda stuff, this is proggy post-hardcore with tech-y riffs and soaring vocals (think Mars Volta, Fall of Troy, Protest the Hero, etc), and the performance video (titled "Mutants") does a fine job of showing off this band's chops. The band says:

"Mutants" tells the story of a society manipulated by a tyrant to oppress a mutant species. We originally wrote it as one long piece of music, and decided to split it up to emphasize each aspect of the story. “Cage the Beast” introduces the mutant protagonist who is unfairly captured for posing a false threat to the people, while “Paragon” is told from the point of view of the human antagonist who preaches his malicious intent to his followers. The struggle between sides takes place in “Backlash” and concludes in “Mutiny” where the mutants rally together and rise up to defend themselves. We felt that a song suite was the best way to tell this story and made for a strong ending to the record. It’s an expansive 11 minutes of music and stylistically we feel that it represents a little bit of everything we’re about.

Watch the new video and stream the album:


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