One week before Musk Ox released their first album in seven years, Inheritance, band member Raphael Weinroth-Browne released a new solo live album, Worlds Within Live, a live reworking of 2020's Worlds Within.

"Realizing Worlds Within in the studio was more of a process of discovery rather than one of conscious creation," Raphael said. "Long after its release, I felt that I was still getting to know the music and understand its nature. Learning to recreate the album live was an extension of this process which has taken me full circle, back to the initial impulse from which this music took seed, much in the same way that the record itself has a cyclical journey that ends where it started, rather than a linear path."

We're now premiering the video for closing track "Tumult IV - Fade (Afterglow) - Unending II," which features Raphael performing the song on his cello in his dimly lit studio. "'Tumult IV’ is the last chapter of the chaotic 'Tumult' suite - a final confrontation," he says. "'Fade (Afterglow)' represents surrender - making peace with what is, before returning to the infinite. The oceanic 'Unending II' portrays the dissolution of self and its gradual subsumption by the natural world and the elements."

Watch the video and stream the full album below...

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