Denton, Texas emo/screamo band Record Setter released not just one of our ten favorite punk records of 2020 but one of our favorite albums of the year in any genre with I Owe You Nothing, and ever since its release, we've been waiting for the universe to allow us to see them live. That hasn't happened yet, but the band did just head over to Audiotree to do a livestream today, and they absolutely ripped. They opened the same way the record does, with a seamless performance of "Someplace," "Sometimes," and "Humus," and they hooked me in right off the bat. They sounded just as tight and impassioned as they do on the album, and even though it's more of a studio session than a live show, you still got the sense that Record Setter were giving it their all and playing for an audience. The energy of that opening medley stayed on that level for the rest of the show, as Record Setter tore through the album's next four songs before ending with a noisy, cathartic freakout. The whole 20-ish minute set is great, as you can check out for yourself below.


In related news, Teenage Halloween (who also made one of our favorite punk/etc albums of 2020) are doing Audiotree Live on March 29 at 5 PM ET. For Your Health, who released one of our favorite screamo/post-hardcore albums of this year so far, did one last week.

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