It's been almost exactly one year since Record Setter released their excellent 2020 album I Owe You Nothing, and now, just ahead of the anniversary, they've made a video for "Present Tense." The video (directed by Erin Devany of All Hallows Productions) also arrives just in time for Halloween, and this dark, eerie clip is perfect for the occasion. The song itself is a mostly-instrumental slow-burner that only explodes into a screamo climax at the very end, and the video fits the vibe well.

"When I wrote this song it was purposefully void of lyrics as a break for the listener to pause and possibly reflect," vocalist Judy Mitchell tells us. "What little lyrics there are focus on the act of rumination or reminiscing. So when Erin came to us with this idea of a sort of disassociated memory of a violent act, I thought that perfectly fit the mood of the music."

Erin adds, "The idea for this video actually came to me in a nightmare a few years ago. I dreamt I was covered in blood and carrying two corpses down a dark and endless road, with no idea how I got there or where I was going. that feeling of aimlessness, of guilt over something you cannot control, it’s haunting. Being forced to atone for actions that you can’t make any sense of is terrifying and all too real. I wanted to portray the depth of Record Setter’s lyrics and sound in a way that felt like it was digging its nails into you, clutching with a vice-like grip that only gets more intense as you watch. Getting to work with these incredible artists and put a narrative behind these dreadful feelings was extremely cathartic and I feel so lucky."

Watch the video and stream the full album below. Pick up a physical copy from Topshelf Records.


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