In addition to being a pro skater like his father Tony, Riley Hawk also fronts a genuinely good punk band, Warish. As mentioned, their new album Next To Pay comes out April 30 via RidingEasy Records (pre-order physical or digital), and ahead of the release, we're premiering fourth single "Scars" and its video. If you've checked out Warish before, you probably know what to expect from this scuzz-punk ripper, but for the uninitiated, Warish channel The Stooges' psychedelic garage punk through the lens of early grunge (Bleach-era Nirvana, Mudhoney, etc), and they come out with gnarly, fuzz-drenched songs that would've sounded just as good in 1969 as they would in 1989, and they rip today too. The video for "Scars" fits right in with the vibe of their music too; the acid-soaked visuals are very '60s and Riley's stage moves owe more than a little to Mark Arm and Kurt Cobain. Check it out below.

Stream the three previous singles here: