With Queen Elizabeth II's death on Thursday, there have been a lot of tributes to her, including some from surprising sources, but one we're probably not likely to get is from The Cure's Robert Smith. A longtime anti-monarchist, Smith actually had the slogan "Citizens Not Subjects" -- which dates back to the Declaration of Independence -- embedded in his guitar back in 2012 and actually tweeted the phrase as a hashtag this June.

Smith has not been shy about talking about his hatred of the monarchy in interviews over the years, and when a video interviewer at Germany's Hurricane Festival in 2012 brought up the "Citizens Not Subjects" guitar, Smith went off. At one point the interviewer said the Queen was as popular as ever before, and Robert offered this joking reply that is more than a little eerie now: "The Queen's gonna die on... September the 7th. Then there'll be a huge uprising, and I'll be made King." He was close! (She died on September the 8th).

attachment-robert smith predicts queens death date

You can watch that video below -- the talk of the monarchy begins at 31:55, and the part about the Queen is at 36:03.

You can also watch a compilation of other clips of Robert Smith railing against the monarchy, below.

Meanwhile, Robert, we're still waiting for the new Cure album but there is a 30th anniversary edition of Wish on the way in November.

H/t to Stereogum's Scott Lapatine:

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