As mentioned, Roosevelt (aka Marius Lauber) will release his new album Polydans on February 21 via City Slang / Greco-Roman (pre-order), and he's now got a video for the bouncy, blissful pop of recent single "Feels Right."

"When I wrote the song, it began with an ESG-influenced funk loop, which even in its rawest form had something very euphoric and playful," Roosevelt says. "It’s definitely one of the songs on the album that came together really easily - one of these where the song dictates which direction to go rather than you overthinking it for weeks."

As for the video, he added, "When it comes to making music videos I think a lot of artists tend to want something that looks big and has some kind of production value. I often have that same instinct, however in the process of finding the right approach for the 'Feels Right' video, I wanted to change things up a bit and actually make a parody about the pressure of shooting a music video. I came up with the idea of a video shoot that goes terribly wrong, with me locking the whole crew in and doing the shoot by myself in the end, with a VHS camcorder and a green screen - the same way I did it 7 years ago with 'Montreal' when I started Roosevelt. My friend Felix Aaron took the idea, developed it further and shot and directed the video in Berlin. It's a nostalgic trip to my DIY past, with the punchline that passion and action speak louder than words and money."

Watch the new video and stream two other tracks from the album below:

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