“This is one of the most amazing moments of my life,” Primus frontman Les Claypool said to the audience at Red Rocks Amphitheater on Wednesday. “Matt Stone, is this one of the most amazing moments of your life? Look at who is standing in front of you. It’s Geddy and Alex!”

The occasion was the second of two concerts at the iconic Colorado outdoor venue celebrating the 25th anniversary of South Park. Primus, who perform the show's theme song, were on hand, and surprised the crowd by bringing out Rush's Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson to perform Rush's "Closer to the Heart" from 1977's A Farewell to Kings. It was the first time they'd reunited on stage since Rush drummer Neil Peart's death in January of 2020. South Park co-creator Matt Stone did his best to fill in behind the drum kit.

“When I was a young whippersnapper,” Claypool went on to say, "in my mind, the greatest human being on the planet that held a four-string in his hand is that man right there, Geddy Lee! That’s fuckin’ Geddy Lee, right there.”

Claypool was very familiar with "Closer to the Heart," as Primus have been covering A Farewell to Kings in its entirety on tour. You can watch that below.

The two nights of concerts also featured Ween, with the bands performing short sets of their own songs and helping Stone and South Park co-creator Trey Parker perform songs from the series, the 1999 South Park movie, and "America, Fuck Yeah" from Parker and Stone's film Team America: World Police. Watch other highlights from

SETLIST: South Park 25th Anniversary @ Red Rocks 8/10/2022 (via)
Take Me Away (Ween cover) (with Ween) (solo)
Roses Are Free (Ween cover) (with Ween) (solo)
It's Gonna Be a Long Night (Ween cover) (with Primus) (Primus & Ween)
Here Come the Bastards (Primus cover) (with Ween) (Primus & Ween)
Uncle Fucka (with Primus) (All 3 acts)
Montage (with Primus) (Matt Stone on drums and all 3 acts)
San Diego (with Primus) (All 3 acts)
It's Easy, M'Kay
(with Tim Alexander) (proceeded by Colorado… more )
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver (Primus cover) (with Primus) (only)
Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers (Primus cover) (with Primus) (only)
South Park Theme (Primus cover) (with Primus) (all 3 versions with TP + MS)
Butter's Theme Song
Have You Heard About My Robot Friend?
Blame Canada (with Primus)
Closer to the Heart (Rush cover) (with Rush) (Primus, Rush, and MS on drums)
On a Colorado Farm (with Primus) (all 3 acts)
Buckingham Green (Ween cover) (with Ween) (solo)
My Name Is Mud (Primus cover) (with Primus) (solo)
Fishsticks clips
Gay Fish (Claude Coleman Jr. on drums )
The Mollusk (Ween cover) (with Ween) (only)
Voodoo Lady (Ween cover) (with Ween) (only)
Tommy the Cat (Primus cover) (with Primus) (MS as Butters on vocals)
Good Times with Weapons clips
Let's Fighting Love
When I Was on Top of You (MS on drums and Bruce Howell on guitar)
Merry Fucking Christmas
The Death Camp of Intolerance Lemmiwinks clip
Lemmiwinks (with Primus)
Kyle's Mom's a Bitch (with Ween) (film version, Bruce Howell on guitar)
What Would Brian Boitano Do? Pt. II
You're Not Yelping clips
Yelper Special (with Primus) (all 3 acts)

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