As mentioned, singer/songwriter S.G. Goodman teamed up with producer Jim James of My Morning Jacket for her upcoming debut album, Old Time Feeling, which is now set to come out July 17 via Verve Forecast, after being pushed back from a May release (pre-order). So far, she's released "The Way I Talk," "Red Bird Morning," and "Old Time Feeling" from the album, and we're now premiering fourth single "If It Ain't Me Babe," along with its video.

It's a hushed indie folk song embellished by some flashes of alt-country, subtle psychedelia, and some barely-there drumming, and fans of anything from '70s Neil Young to modern-day artists like Angel Olsen should take note of this one. "I had the chord progression for over a year before life would give me the story to put over them," Goodman tells us. "This turned out to be another love-lost ballad, that I would finish under a harvest moon in Joshua Tree in 2018. I have to admit that these lyrics were hard to write, and that I hated every moment they came to me. I truly lived through them, and hoped for the day that the distance found through time will take them further away from the truth they hold. It is songs like these that I’m thankful for not being a gifted guitar player. It is a gift of its own to have to focus on my playing and not what I am saying."

The video (directed and animated by Wendy Cong Zhao) is an animated depiction of the rural landscapes in Goodman's home state of Kentucky, and the serene clip matches the song well. Check it out below.

S.G. Goodman Old Time Feeling

Space And Time
Old Time Feeling
Tender Kind
Red Bird Morning
The Way I Talk
Burn Down The City
If It Ain’t Me Babe
Kitchen Floor
Big Girl Now

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