Se Vende formed in San Diego about a decade ago, but the self-proclaimed "DIY dirty, crusty pop punk" band sound like a classic '80s/'90s 924 Gilman band, recalling stuff like Fifteen and Crimpshrine. They released their rippin' new album Happy Accidents via Paper Street Cuts last month--recorded, mixed, and mastered by Luke Henshaw (Sonido de la Frontera, Planet B, Satanic Planet) and Matt Coleman (DJ Unite, Sonido de la Frontera)--and we're now premiering the video for "Big Sleepy Pt. 2," a creepy montage of vintage horror flick footage. Guitarist Jonny Cuz says:

I wrote the song after having sleep paralysis, I was living in an old Victorian house in Sherman Heights - San Diego, CA. I woke up to a dark figure standing at the foot of my bed and filled with fear. The bed started floating up to the ceiling, I could hear my parents that have both passed away some years back screaming and waking up from underneath the bed. As I almost reach the ceiling I’m trying to scream for someone to wake me up but to no avail, after what felt like forever of panic and paralysis I jump out of it and sit up and say, "What the fuck". I shared my experience with my friend goose who creates awesome audio/ video mixtapes. We talked about him making the video for it. He spends his time on the weekends and after work passionately digging through crates, dusty shelves and old boxes at swap meets, thrift stores and classified listings for VHS tapes that were recorded off television during the glory analog days. I sent him the song and lyrics and he dug through his vhs tapes that would fit the theme. He then digitized the footage and edited together the video for "Big Sleepy Pt. 2". I tried to offer him payment but he said, “I don’t care about money, if you want to repay me buy a houseless person a hot meal."

Check out the video and stream the full LP below...

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