Sad Snack are a rising new ska-punk band from San Francisco, who debuted earlier this year with a Mountain Goats cover and put out their first original song "Sunshine and Lollipops 2020" earlier this month. We're now premiering the video for their second single, "Kenny G Hotline," which is being paired with "Sunshine and Lollipops 2020" on a two-song cassingle which ships in early December via Lavasocks Records and Ska Punk International (pre-order).

"Kenny G Hotline" is a fun, catchy, mid-tempo indie-ska-punk song, and drummer/vocalist Ilan Moskowitz says it's "a middle finger salute to the off-putting, light jazz hold music we were collectively forced to endure while attempting to receive unemployment benefits during the pandemic." Check out the song and its video below.

And here's the previous single:

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