Scottibrains is a collaborative group featuring Dan Carey (who has produced Kate Tempest, Hot Chip, Bat For Lashes, TOY and more), plus Oli Bayston who also makes records as Boxed In, plus drummer Liam Hutton (who plays in Boxed In and Kate Tempest's band), and Oli's wife, Beth Buxton. Together, they specialize in "motorik psych-kraut wig-outs." That definitely describes the band's new single, "Sustained Threat," which is out this week (4/6) via Carey's Speedy Wunderground label. We've got the premiere of the single's video which features a series of people, all dressed in the same jacket and wine-colored turtleneck, being subjected to, and tormented by, Scottibrains' music. (Fans of David Cronenberg's Scanners might be able to predict the direction of this video.) Oli told us a little about it:

I spoke to Max [Kelly, the director] about the idea of a track based on a Shepard tone before we’d actually written it. He mapped out a narrative for the instead of the song informing the structure of the video, we decided to reverse the normal process. we structured the tune around his treatment and went for it.

Watch the video, which might not be for the squeamish (let's just say it puts the brains in Scottibrains), below.

Scottibrains will play a release show at London's Brixton Windmill on April 14.