Two sludge/doom bands, Seattle's Old Iron (featuring former members of Heiress, Kid Congo Powers' band, and more) and France's Verdun, are giving their recent Europe-only 12" split EP a US release on February 25 via Satanik Royalty Records (pre-order). Verdun's side includes the original song "Narconaut" and a cover of Morbid Angel's "Dawn of the Angry," both of which are streaming now, and Old Iron's side includes two new originals. We're premiering the video for one of them, "Planetisimal."

"'Planetesimal' places the listener in a forbidding pocket of space surrounded by primordial chaos," the band tells us. "Particles of dust are smashed together by incomprehensible cosmic forces with violent results. Strix focuses on a shape shifting bird of ill omen that feeds on human flesh. The woods still aren’t safe!" There you have it. Check out this bone-crusher below...

Planetesimal – OLD IRON
Strix Nebulosa – OLD IRON
Narconaut – VERDUN
Dawn Of The Angry (Morbid Angel Cover) – VERDUN

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