Seer Believer (the project of Gleemer's Nick Manske and also featuring his Gleemer bandmates Corey Coffman and Charlie O'Neil) have made a new video for "Hard" off their recently released debut album Bent, out now on Will Yip's Memory Music label (order yours). Nick says:

Ever since I saw Ben Ward of JANK Films’ work I instantly knew I had to work with him and his team. He has a way of conveying the feel of Northern Colorado that is so beautiful and honest. His eyes are drawn to precious moments in life and he captures them. Simple as that. much like a song. When we first started talking about making the video for Hard this is the text I sent him.

The song is basically about longing and separation, water is a very important theme on the record as well. Dark traveling and the relief of homecoming are kind of the keys to the song. A lit warm home you want to get into but can't. The thoughts that race through your head when you're driving and you're far away. The things you see that are beautiful to you that you wish you could share with someone but can’t.

I wanted the video to be difficult to put a timestamp on. It could have been made 20 years ago or tomorrow. Much like the album I suppose, It’s my way of paying homage to the things in life that influenced me to create and keep wondering what’s around the next bend.

You can definitely feel that sense of nostalgia and timelessness in the video, which matches the warm melancholy of the song well. If you haven't heard the album yet, it's a very enjoyable batch of atmospheric, shoegaze and slowcore-informed emo songs, and you can stream the whole thing and watch the video below.


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