Pre-order our exclusive splatter vinyl variant of the new SeeYouSpaceCowboy album.

SeeYouSpaceCowboy have shared another single off their highly anticipated sophomore album The Romance of Affliction, and it gives you a great idea of this band's ever-changing, multi-faceted approach to post-hardcore, with everything from harsh screamo to clean-sung to emo-pop to sass parts to metalcore breakdowns. It really goes for it, and it gets there.

It comes with a video directed by Cameron Nunez, with creative direction by SYSC singer Connie Sgarbossa, and this band's music videos are as effective as their music. Check it out below.

The Romance of Affliction drops 11/5 via Pure Noise and features appearances by Every Time I Die's Keith Buckley, Underoath's Aaron Gillespie, If I Die First, and Shaolin G, plus production from Knocked Loose's Isaac Hale. Pre-order our exclusive splatter vinyl variant, limited to 300.


Also catch the band on tour with Greyhaven, Vatican, and Wristmeetrazor, including NYC's Market Hotel on 11/21. All dates:


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