Shortly (the project led by Alexandria Maniak) are gearing up to release their debut album Dancer on 9/24 via Triple Crown Records (pre-order), and we're now premiering a live session video for its recent single "The Reaper." It's a singer/songwriter-style indie rock song that carries a lot of emotional weight, and this up-close-and-personal performance makes it feel even more powerful. Here's what Alexandria says about it:

Our sessions at Eureka Records were special for all of us. The space is owned and run by friends, and my band are some of the greatest friends I've ever known, and after over a year apart, this was our first time seeing so many people and creating something together again. I realized then that our most intimate conversations happen with our mouths closed and our amps on. "The Reaper" specifically was the first Dancer single that we teased, live, during a holiday show in December 2019. I had no idea then that it would be a song that I would sit with for so long. The way I feel when playing it has changed completely, something like a time capsule. I hope you enjoy this chiller version of one of my favorite songs we've written together.

Watch below...

Jacob Mulka – Director of Photography, Camera 1
Raymond Rivard – Camera 2
Trevor Dernai – Camera 3

Tyler Floyd – Producer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
Daniel Zasadny – Audio Engineer

Alex Maniak – Vocals, Guitar
Kris Herrmann – Drums, Set Design
Austin Stawowczyk – Pedal Steel, Guitar
Katelynn Corll – Bass

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