After the threat of electrical storms caused Cruel World to end before her headlining set on Saturday night, Siouxsie Sioux played a make-up show on the festival grounds on Sunday night. As a bonus for fans having to go back out a second night in a row, she got to play an extended set that went longer than what she would have done on Saturday.

Like at her recent European club shows, Siouxsie's set was mainly Banshees classics with a few Creatures and solo songs as well. She opened with "Night Shift," and performed "Arabian Knights," "Face to Face" (from Batman Returns), "Cities in Dust," "Christine," "Happy House," the Banshees' cover of "Dear Prudence," and more.

Her first encore opened with solo song "About to Happen" (her first time playing it in 15 years) and "Spellbound," and then for her second encore she dusted off "Israel" for the first time since coming back this year.  She did not play the Banshees' cover of "The Passenger," nor did she come out when Iggy played the song during his make-up set right before her, if you were wondering if that was something that might happen.

You can check out video of Siouxsie at Cruel World, along with the setlist and a few instagram pics below.

Siouxsie has more dates this year, but Cruel World will be her only 2023 US performance.

You can also check out pics of Iggy's Cruel World set on Saturday (which got cut short due to the weather) and read about Love and Rockets' set which was their first in 15 years.

SETLIST: Siouxsie @ Cruel World 5/21/2023
Night Shift
Arabian Knights
Here Comes That Day
Kiss Them for Me
Dear Prudence
Face to Face
Land's End
Cities in Dust
But Not Them
(The Creatures song)
Sin in My Heart
Happy House
Into a Swan

About to Happen

Encore 2:

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