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Sneaker Pimps have shared the video for "Fighter," the lead single from Squaring the Circle, their first album in nearly 20 years, The video was directed by the band's own Chris Corner and shot near his studio in Pioneertown, CA and features Janine from IAMX wrapped in a gimp suit and subjected to a downpour of colorful rubber balls. It's a striking video.

“We live in a world of mental illness where we are surrounded by profound idiocy and overload," says Corner "'Fighter' is an ode to a struggle to tune out, gain strength and breakthrough. In the video, the character’s fight is ridiculous, there is no other. In the grip of the darkest depression and anxiety the opponent is her own mind. She locks herself in her ring, painting a circle and shrinking her world even further. Freeze, flight, or fight. Self fulfilling prophecies. She's wrapped in a gimp suit because she’s a slave to her own negative narratives. Trapped by vices and triggered by the most innocuous objects. In this world, bouncing balls and balloons become existential threats. But there’s also a faint light of hope. She’s dancing in the face of the full catastrophe of life. She will prevail, she always has. Round 2.”

Corner goes on to say, "I shot the video in anamorphic to give it a filmic stretched and otherworldly feel. Soft flares and subtle distortions to add distance, keeping us as the viewer outside of the fighter’s world. My crew spent weeks painting and repainting the set to find just the right queasy color. Repeatedly repacking hundreds of bouncing balls and balloons for shot after shot. Everything you see is on camera. Simple but time consuming. Janine from IAMX was willing to jump into the gimp suit and suffer in extreme desert heat. If you look close you’ll see real sweat dripping down the arms. Everybody worked like dogs for the love of it, this was the ultimate no ego video. Those people are my heroes.”

You can watch the "Fighter" video below.

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