Genre-defying Philly hardcore band Soul Glo have a new video for "29," one of the highlights of last year's excellent Songs To Yeet At The Sun EP. The video was directed by Gabriel Duque of Zeta (whose Juanchi also appears on the newer Soul Glo EP from this year), and it opens with the band hanging out, laughing and talking about what they're going to do in the video, before the proper video kicks in and does exactly that.

"Basically it’s a joke about how much effort goes into music videos when there’s no coherent ideas about what the artist is trying to say," vocalist Pierce Jordan tells us. "Making a video is so fucking hard. It can be easy to make some simple shit look cool, but a lot of the time, making something look good takes SO MUCH effort. This is our third attempt making one, even though it’s the first of ours you’re seeing. So it’s weird and kinda funny when you sit and watch hours of videos on YouTube and you slowly realize not very much is happening in many of them."

Watch the video below. Songs To Yeet At The Sun is out now on Touche Amore frontman Jeremy Bolm's Secret Voice label, and you can order a copy from the Deathwish store and stream it below. Read more about the EP in our list of the best punk albums of 2020.

Soul Glo are also opening the Philly date of Armand Hammer's tour.