Spiral Heads is the new punk supergroup of Simon Doom on bass/vocals, Jim Carroll (American Nightmare) on guitar/vocals, and Q (Doomriders) on drums, and today they released their debut self-titled EP on Bridge 9/Quiet Panic. It's got two tracks of very fun garagey punk that'll take you right back to '77, and it ends with the creepier, more psychedelic "A Number From Outer Space." The whole thing is worth a spin (and it'll only take you 9 minutes and 20 seconds), and it's also worth checking out the video for "Baby's Got Bangs," which premieres in this post. True to the song's title, the video was filmed at a barbershop. Simon Doom tells us:

The EP was a blast to make. We basically recorded our live set at Alphaville with our main man Scott Rosenthal behind the desk, chose the grooviest three songs, and sent ‘em down to our dog Doug Boehm for mixing. One of the most fun recording sessions I have ever been a part. For me, the point of the accompanying video is to really spell out that I AM “THE BABY” in the song “Baby’s Got Bangs”.... well I guess Jim and Q are also the “baby” because they get bangs too.

Watch the video and stream the whole EP below: