As recently mentioned, Eric Smeal from the record label Acrobat Unstable and the band Clearbody recently launched a What’s In My Bag-type video series called Stocking Up. The third video in the series premieres in this post, and it features Counter Intuitive Records founder Jake Sulzer, Jail Socks member Colman O'Brien and publicist/agent/Acrobat Unstable staffer Alex Martin. Like in the past two episodes, they pick up and discuss all kinds of different records. In this episode, that includes Dinosaur Jr, Jimmy Eat World, Earth Crisis, Foundation, Warzone, Superchunk, blink-182, Save Face, Youth Lagoon, and more.

Eric says, "This episode of Stocking Up is definitely my favorite so far. Me and Alex Martin go to Lunchbox Records & Tip Top Daily Market in Charlotte, North Carolina literally every week so it wasn't too different from one of our normal trips. Jake Sulzer was in town to hang out with us and we were like 'fuck it let's do an episode of Stocking Up' which is normally how these things go. Colman O'Brien hadn't been record shopping in a long time so it was sick getting to do one with him in it too! I didn't show off my picks in this episode but I got Shed by Title Fight, Rank by The Smiths & a very early copy of Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division. This episode just like the last one was filmed in Lunchbox Records, but shoutout to Tip Top/Premium Sound, I work there on the weekends and Acrobat Unstable has its own section which is insanely cool. It's an essential stop in Charlotte."


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