Last year, Michigan stoner metal band BoneHawk released their sophomore album Iron Mountain, which came six years and several lineup changes after their 2014 debut LP Albino Rhino. For this one, frontman Matt Helt was joined by new drummer Nate Cohn (also of ska-punk veterans Mustard Plug), new bassist Matt Smith, and original guitarist Chad Houts, though Chad since left the band and was replaced by Cam Mammina. Like the debut, Iron Mountain is a groovy, psychedelic record that would've fit right in with early '70s Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, but with crisp, modern production that keeps things fresh. It bounces between doomy riffage and Thin Lizzy-style twin leads, and it's as heavy as it is melodic, with hummable guitars and catchy choruses throughout.

The band now have a new video for Iron Mountain's second single "Fire Lake," and here's what they say about it:

The new single, “Fire Lake,” took a bizarre life of its own after we found Shyam Talwar’s work on the internet. The song, named after the gorgeous lake in the upper peninsula of Michigan, had some dark lyrics to begin with, but was nothing like the script that Shyam Talwar came up with when we approached him.

Talwar, a Puppeteer and videographer living in Mumbai, India, came up with this bizarre concept that scripted our arena rock anthem and paired it with his own sick and twisted paranoid plot, about a skeleton being haunted by a ghost trapped inside his own head. Which, after being trapped at home this past year, seemed more than a little relatable...

“Fire Lake” is 2021’s summer rock anthem. Combined with Talwar’s dark artistic vision, we’ve created a collaboration of the ages.

As you might guess from that description, it's a pretty creepy video (a little Tim Burton-esque), and you can watch it for yourself now. It makes its premiere below.

Iron Mountain was self-released and then given a vinyl release on Cursed Tongue Records. You can stream the full album and watch a recent live set below too.