Long-running Richmond melodic hardcore greats Strike Anywhere have been putting out sharp, incisive political music for two decades, and they're gearing up to put out their first new record in 11 years, the Nightmares of the West EP, on July 17 via their new label home Pure Noise (pre-order). Even before the nationwide protests against racism and police brutality broke out, Nightmares of the West was going to be a record that really resonated right now, but now this EP and the band's comeback in general feel even more vital.

We recently interviewed vocalist Thomas Barnett about everything going in on the world, and how that relates not just to Strike Anywhere's music but to the long history of punk bands fighting against racism and police brutality. "'Artist' is too mushy and generic of a word," he said. "Like we support and build culture, or we try. We report on things that are true, despite the propaganda of the world. And that's been a huge part of punk since '77."

We're now premiering the EP's newest single "Frontier Glitch," which nails a perfect balance between fast, hard-hitting aggression and soaring melodies, and with its rallying cries of "Men of peace just said 'the state of the world is war' / No we won't be led, no business we're dying for," it feels like the kind of protest anthem we already needed at the beginning of 2020 and we need even more now. It comes with a very timely video (directed and edited by Claudio Stanghellini) of black and white footage -- colored green to match the album artwork -- of recent protests, the police violence that broke out at them, a confederate statue being pushed into a river, and performance footage of the band. It's a powerful clip, and it suits the song perfectly.

The song's lyric "The state of the world is nightmares of the West" is where the EP's title comes from. Thomas explains, "'Frontier Glitch' is where the title for this record was found, the shortest and most ferocious of the songs on the record. It’s about the lifelong project of trying to de-couple yourself from the runaway train of imperialism, exceptionalism, and all the mass psychosis that comes with dishonest histories, fake victories and the death cult of nationalism. It’s a song about peace and the only way to get it is to find our power to shut down the nations, the economies on our backs and the borders across our bodies. It’s for a general strike in the face of the state monopoly on violence, to get free from the shadows of monuments to history’s criminals, and to finally choose a loving and honest landscape for our future."

Watch and listen below. Read much more about Nightmares of the West in our interview with Thomas Barnett.

Strike Anywhere - Nightmares of the West
due 7/17 via Pure Noisie

1. Documentary
2. Dress The Wounds
3. The Bells
4. Frontier Glitch
5. Imperium Of Waste
6. Opener (Blocko cover)
7. We Make The Road By Walking

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