As mentioned, Swiss experimental post-metal act Sum of R are releasing their new album Lahbryce on March 25 via Consouling Sounds (pre-order). The album was made by founder and sole constant member Reto Mäder alongside Dark Buddha Rising and Waste of Space Orchestra members Jukka Rämänen (drums) and Marko Neuman (vocals), and Reto says, "We had such a good and intense as well as grateful and creative time together that it could not be more natural that Marko also became a part of Sum Of R through these common experiences. For Jukka and me, Marko's voice is like a transmitter to another dimension."

Having previously released three of the album's songs, we're now premiering fourth single "Lust" and its black-and-white, psychedelic music video that Reto made with Jeroen Mylle. "The lyrics are about giving up. Dying," Marko tells us. "The sudden return from the dead. The realization of what led to giving up. Forgiveness. Salvation and the new lust for life that blossoms as a result." The song is a version of post-metal that's both trippy and climactic, and it's noticeably different sounding than the other singles from Lahbryce, which is shaping up to be a very varied album. Check it out below.

Sum of R will performing the new album in full at Roadburn this April.

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