The 2003 blackout happened on August 14 at 4:10 PM and knocked out power for millions of people across much of the Northeast, including New York City, for more 24 hours. People walked in mass over the bridges home, restaurants had streetside barbeques to use up unrefrigerated produce amd melting ice, and some neighborhoods turned into an all-night party. (It probably was less fun for tourists stranded in Times Square.) Needless to say, there weren't many shows that Friday night, but the Seaport Music Festival was determined to have their Ted Leo & Pharmacists show go on. Hooking up the PA to a generator from a Starbucks van, Ted did just that. You can watch footage of that, which is from his Dirty Old Town DVD, below.

You can watch ABC 7 News coverage of the 2003 blackout, below.

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