NJ's Teenage Halloween's self-titled debut album was not just one of our 10 favorite punk albums of 2020 but one of our favorites of the year in any genre, and if this was a normal year, we'd definitely have seen them play these songs live by now. Unfortunately it's not, but at least the band continue to do increasingly great livestreams. They just did a set for Audiotree on Monday (3/29), and they sounded even tighter, better, and more energetic than they did at their virtual release show back in October. The album's been out for six months now, and Teenage Halloween tore through these songs with the second-nature precision of a band who'd been on the road for that entire time. They bounced around and rocked out like an audience was present, and singer/guitarist Luk Henderiks gave it their all, belting these songs for the people in the proverbial cheap seats.

They played a good chunk of their debut album ("SMH City," "Holes," "Drown," "Sweat," "Stationary," etc), including an alternate version of "Figwit," and they also debuted a new song that was written and sung by bassist/backing vocalist Tricia Marshall. According to Audiotree, it's called "Burn," and it's a fiery indie-pop-punk ripper that already sounded as tight as the songs on their LP. Hopefully this means more new Teenage Halloween is on the way. Meanwhile, watch their full Audiotree set below.

Teenage Halloween's debut album is also now finally available on vinyl, and you can pick up a copy on transparent blue vinyl in the BrooklynVegan store.

Teenage Halloween

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