To honor the late Caleb Scofield, his bands Cave In, Old Man Gloom and Zozobra played a benefit show with their pals Converge and The Cancer Conspiracy in Caleb's hometown of Boston on June 13 at Royale. The show streamed live, and that stream has since been archived and can be watched below. "There are some audio issues during The Cancer Conspiracy set, that get remedied quickly. Thanks for watching," Converge writes.

Cave In started their set with Caleb's brother Kyle on bass and frontman Stephen Brodksy on acoustic guitar, and they covered Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" during that portion of the set. They also dedicated "Heartbreaks, Earthquakes" to Caleb's parents and broke out "Tension in the Ranks" for the first time since 2004. For the second half of the set, Converge's Nate Newton took over on bass and Brodksy moved to electric guitar, and they broke out "Off to Ruin" for the first time since 2006.

For Zozobra's set -- the band that Caleb fronted -- Aaron Turner (of Isis and Sumac), Kevin Baker (of All Pigs Must Die and The Hope Conspiracy), Stephen Brodsky, and Zozobra's own Adam McGrath shared vocal duties. Adam played bass, while Stephen Brodksy and Nate Newton both played guitar, and both of the band's drummers (JR Conners and Santo Montano) were on hand for the show.

100% of the proceeds from the show were donated to the Scofield family. Watch the full show video and see the setlists from all the bands below.

Isis are also reuniting under the name Celestial for a Caleb Scofield benefit in LA on October 13, which also includes Cave In, Old Man Gloom, Pelican, and 27.

Cave In Setlist (via)
with Caleb Scofield's brother Kyle on bass, Steve Brodsky on acoustic guitar
Youth Overrided
The Calypso
Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover)
Heartbreaks, Earthquakes (Dedicated to Caleb Scofield’s parents)
Tension in the Ranks (First live performance since 2004)

with Nate Newton on bass and Steve on electric guitar
Dark Driving (with "Juggernaut" intro/tease)
Off to Ruin (First live performance since 2006)
Big Riff (Stephen, responding to chants for “Crossbearer”: “Here’s a slow song, and it’s really quiet”)
Sing My Loves

Zozobra Setlist (via)
Steve Brodsky on Bass, Nate Newton and Adam McGrath on guitars, JR Conners on drums
The Cruelest Cut (Aaron Turner on vocals)

Santo Montano on drums
Soon To Follow (Aaron Turner, Stephen Brodsky, Adam McGrath on vocals)
Silver Ghost (Bass/Guitar intro only)
Invisible Wolves (Kevin Baker (All Pigs Must Die, The Hope Conspiracy) on vocals)
A Distant Star Fades (Stephen Brodsky on vocals)

Converge Setlist (via)
Dark Horse
Aimless Arrow
Under Duress
A Single Tear
Drop Out
Eagles Become Vultures
Empty on the Inside
I Can Tell You About Pain
Last Light

Old Man Gloom Setlist (via)
Afraid Of
Flood II
Sleeping With Snakes
Shoulder Meat
The Lash
Common Species
Simia Dei
Hot Salvation
Branch Breaker
To Carry the Flame

The Cancer Conspiracy Setlist (via)
The Summer of Andy
Broken Heartbeats Gathered and Rebroadcast
The Audio Medium

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