We sadly lost the great, prolific guitarist Neal Casal to suicide in August, and last night (9/25) The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester hosted a massive tribute concert to him with many of his peers and collaborators, including Beachwood Sparks, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Circles Around the Sun, Joe Russo, Dave Dreiwitz, Tom Hamilton, Scott Metzger, Citizen Cope, and several others. Relix streamed the entire five and a half hour concert live, and if you didn't watch the livestream, you can now watch the archived stream at the bottom of this post.

They shared one of Neal's final messages on screen at the show, which read:

Have an epic party for me and play my favorite records, and remember all of the good times we had, the music, images, and waves we caught. That's all.

Play Exile On Main Street from beginning to end, and especially, play "Moonlight Mile." It's my song, always has been, it's me. I used to lay with my headphones on and listen to that song over and over again and it would make me cry and inspire me to live and create. It's beautiful and elegant and tough and sad and hopeful all at once. Everything I ever wanted to be."

They did indeed play "Moonlight Mile" over the PA as the show was about to start, as pointed out by Twitter user @pcardillo711, who live tweeted the entire stream. Here are some of his tweets:

Dori Freeman started things off with a beautiful hymn. Robbi Robb did his shaman thing. Gary Waldman emceeing.

Waldman talking about Casal's hair metal past. His high school band Exire and his time in Blackfoot. Video of Ricky Medlock from Blackfoot/Lyrnd Skynrd playing.

Waldman now playing an early Casal recording of "The Sunny Side of the Street" made for his dad. It's a fantastic version! Song accompanied by slides of Neal and his family. Very sweet and very sad.


[Steve Earle] talking about Brad Pemberton from his band who played with Casal. Earle playing a song Casal wrote when Townes Van Zant died. "Highway Butterflies" was the song.


All-star cast joining Ginty and other members of Casal's former band Hazy Malaise. Kenny Roby, Eric Krasno, Jason Crosby and more.

Here's more from @pcardillo71's recap:

Jason Crosby starts the second set with a solo piano version of Neal's song "Pray Me Home"

Zephaniah O'Hara about to perform a song from his Neal Casal produced record. Ad McDougal on piano.

Jesse Aycock from Hardworking Americans up with Duane Trucks, MacDougal and others. Performing Casal's "The Losing End Again" from the "Roots and Wings" record.

echnical difficulties.

Gary Waldman tells a story about how excited Neal got when they once saw Fabio in a restaurant. Technical difficulties seem fixed now.


Joe Russo, Adam McDougal, Dan Faidel, Jesse Aycock taking the stage. And they're playing the Grateful Dead's "Ship of Fools"!!!

Circles Around the Sun up now. Eric Krasno playing guitar in place of Casal. C.A.S. are locked into a groove. After a lot of somber acts tonight they have the crowd at the Cap up and dancing.

Joe Russo coming out to join C.A.S. on drums. And they immediately lock into another groove.


Joe Russo and friends on stage now. Metzger on electric guitar, McDougal on piano. Playing Grateful Dead's "Black Muddy River"

So this is essentially JRAD with McDougal on keys. It sounds great. They're now playing the Dead's "Playing in the Band"

Into "Let it Ride" by Ryan Adams (who Casal played with for about 10 years in the Cardinals) ...and a 'Space' interlude back out to "Playing in the Band" I'd go see a JRAD show.


[As Chris Robinson Brotherhood were playing The Rolling Stones' "Loving Cup"...] Fitting choice. "Exile" was reportedly Neal's favorite record and he always took great joy in playing Stones covers with CRB.

"Star or Stone" first song Robinson and Casal wrote together.


Setting up for a 'Grand Finale' [...] I see Kenny Roby, Tony & Shawn from Hazeldine, Ginty, Tony Leone, Macdougall, Mapache dudes, Chris Robinson... And they're doing the gospel standard "Farther Along"

This is a fitting ending to a very moving evening. Neal Casal has left a big hole in a lot of people's life. His death is very sad, but seeing all these musicians who loved him and we're influenced by him is inspiring.

Watch the full archived stream and see some more pictures below...

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