Glenn in his VU shrine basement

watch The Feelies' Glenn Mercer cover the Velvet Underground for Galaxie 500 tribute

The Feelies have covered a lot of Velvet Underground songs over the last 40 years and they’ve even done whole VU tribute shows. One song they’ve never covered, though, is “Here She Comes Now.” Feelies frontman Glenn Mercer now has, however, as part of the month-long Galaxie 500 tribute that’s leading up to the Record Store Day reissue of Galaxie 500’s Copenhagen live album on August 29. It’s a bit of a cheat for Glenn, but Galaxie 500 did cover the song as a bonus track for their third and final album, This is Our Music, and it’s also on Copenhagen. There are more connections, as The Feelies’ Stan Demeski went on to play drums in Dean Wareham‘s post-Galaxie band, Luna. Not to mention, both The Feelies and Galaxie 500 owe their sound to VU.

Mercer shot the video of the cover (of a cover) in his basement, and it sounds very nice indeed. Watch that, and listen to Galaxie 500’s cover, below.

Artists who have covered Galaxie 500 for this tribute series include Xiu Xiu, Jeanines, Deadbeat Beat, Rachel Haden, and Kiwi Jr, with covers still to come from Thurston Moore, Real Estate, Mark Lanegan & Dylan Carlson, Mercury Rev, Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening), and more.

You can watch Xiu Xiu’s cover of “Isn’t it a Pity” below as well.