Rapper/actor/comedian Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) just premiered his new FX show Atlanta last night to rave reviews, and now the pilot episode is available to all who want to check it out on Youtube.

Donald has been working on this for a long time as creator, writer and star. The show centers on the hip-hop landscape in, obviously, Atlanta (Glover is originally from Georgia). As TV critic Alan Sepinwall writes:

It would have been very easy for Glover to do something safe with Atlanta — something broader, more accessible and overtly comedic, or maybe something trading off Gambino, where he played the would-be rap star. Instead, he wanted a chance to fail, and while not all of Atlanta works yet, it absolutely has that immersive quality Glover was hoping for.

So everyone can check out the pilot now and see if it lives up to the praise it's been receiving.

Meanwhile: though Childish Gambino hasn't put out new music in awhile, a mashup of his last album, Because the Internet, with vocals from Kendrick Lamar subbed in for Childish Gambino's has been making the internet rounds lately. You can listen to that, and check out the Atlanta episode, below.

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