We've been pretty big fans of ukulele-fueled indie pop punks The Sonder Bombs since they released their great 2018 debut album MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR, and we just learned that bassist/backing vocalist Kevin Cappy also plays in the band The Grievance Club, so naturally we were excited to check them out too and we're not sorry we did. They've got a new single, "Marathon," premiering in this post along with its video, and it's good stuff.

Compared to The Sonder Bombs, The Grievance Club are more of a crisp, polished pop punk band, with enough emo melancholy and post-hardcore grit in their sound that they never come off as too polished or poppy. Fans of The Wonder Years and the Drive-Thru catalog, take note. Of the new song, the band says:

“Marathon” is essentially a celebration of Nihilism. Nihilism is a strange concept, as most people would align the term with the feeling of gloom or hopelessness. To us, there’s an immensely liberating feeling behind the realization that life is meaningless. A lack of innate purpose is something we should learn to adorn, and feel comfortable with as we relish in the unknown. This song is an optimistic love letter to a philosophy that has had a negative reputation for a long time. If existence has no solidified purpose, then that’s a wonderful discovery; now you can create your own.

This video was made possible because of the incredible efforts of Chance, Taylor, and Matt of LoonBase Studios out of Chicago. They’re a team of immensely talented videographers, animators and artists who went above and beyond for this project, and we can’t thank them enough.

Watch/listen below...

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