Ska supergroup The Inevitables -- led by former/founding Less Than Jake drummer/lyricist Vinnie Fiorrello, Westbound Train's Obi Fernandez, and Big D and The Kids Table's Alex Stern, and also featuring current and former members of Bomb the Music Industry!, The Interrupters, Reel Big Fish, and more -- recently released "The American Me (In Me)" off their upcoming dub album The Inevitables versus Youth City Sound System (due January 29), and we're now premiering a video for the song. The song features Lynval Golding of The Specials, who were one of the main groups responsible for preaching racial unity in the UK during the 2 Tone ska movement, and this song addresses America's current issues with immigration, civil rights, and unity, and calls for a more just future of America.

The video was directed by Pakistani cinematographer Yasir Khan, who uses footage of everyday Pakistani life to help further the song's message. "This video could have been shot anywhere in the world and the result would be the the same," Obi tells us. "People choosing to explore and enjoy life. Smiles are smiles. Smiles don’t discriminate. That’s what we wanted people to see with this video. We wanted to show that we have much more in common than we think. Music is the medicine we need to bring us together. Yasir did a beautiful job capturing exactly that."



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