After dropping a teaser, here's the full trailer for new Netflix comedy series Space Force which debuts next Friday (5/29) on the streaming service. The series, which reunites Steve Carell with The Office showrunner Greg Daniels, was conceived almost immediately after Donald Trump announced the US was starting an actual Space Force and jokes about the name are in this trailer. The series is what they imagine might happen and, as mentioned, they've put together a stellar cast, including John Malkovich as Space Force's eccentric chief scientist, plus Lisa Kudrow, the late Fred WillardJane Lynch (Party Down, Glee), Ben Schwartz (Parks & RecreationJimmy O Yang (Silicon Valley), Tawny Newsome (Brockmire), Jessica St. Clair (Avenue 5), Noah Emmerich (The Americans), Patrick Warburton (Puddy on Seinfeld), and more.

It all looks appropriately silly. Watch the trailer below.