The Pauses are doing a "Quarantunes" series which so far has seen them covering two classic '90s indie/alt rock songs via isolation performance videos: Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta" and Dinosaur Jr's "Feel The Pain." They're both pretty faithful to the originals, but The Pauses find ways to make them their own, and they both sound great. They write:

Hi, how are you? Yeah, we're losing our collective marbles too. But we remembered that music is cathartic. So, we decided to record ourselves making some while in seclusion. We're compiling each of these videos (co-vids, if you will) into one cover song a week(-ish), while also highlighting a different charity that we think could use support. We call the series Quarantunes!

Volume 1 is "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger, which seems to sum up our current headspace pretty fittingly. Snuggle up with the person or animals you're in mandatory isolation with and sing along. See? Cathartic. Ok, see you again next week from each of our little floating squares. Follow our socials for updates.


We hope that everyone is continuing to stay safe and sound in their homes, and are not falling prey to the temptation of popping all of the Pringles in the can. We know it's hard to stop once you initially pop. Over at the Quarantunes HQ, which is actually four individual homes, we're continuing the series from a safe distance with a cover of one of the most fun songs that we've ever played live, "Feel The Pain" by Dinosaur Jr., because you know, we're feeling it a little bit. Sing along and take care of yourselves out there, folks!


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