Founding/longtime (but former) Damned drummer Rat Scabies has a new instrumental project with Billy Shinbone called The Sinclairs and their debut album Sparkle is coming May 8 via Cleopatra Records (pre-order). We're premiering the new song "Half Way Round Your Dreams," along with its smartphone-shot video starring Rat, Billy, and a bunch of creepy antiques in an old barn. The song itself like a dreamy yet haunted '50s rock ballad, which suits the vibe of the video well.

Billy says, "As Rat once said, this is easy listening for the uneasy. As I once said, when it's cocktail hour in your subconscious, you can't choose who's drinking and who isn't. So, it's a cotton candy lullaby garnished with tarantulas. It's when you're sleepwalking with Santo & Johnny and you wake up in the Roswell Drive-Thru Saucer Wash."