The 2020 Halloween episode of Saturday Night Live was an excellent pairing of John Mulaney and musical guests The Strokes. Having released The New Abnormal back in April, The Strokes played singles "The Adults Are Talking" and "Bad Decisions" from the record and you can watch that below.

As a former SNL writer, Mulaney's episodes tend to bring the best out of the current staff, as well as a musical. This year's is set in a Times Square souvenir store during the pandemic and if its not quite as inspired as the three previous Mulaney musicals, Maya Rudolph knocks it out of the park as the Statue of Liberty singing "I'm Still Here."

Elsewhere in the episode: Kate McKinnon does a pretty great Tippi Hedren as Cinema Classics looks at The Birds, Mulaney plays Ichabod Crane, Baby Yoda stopped by Weekend Update, and more. Watch those sketches and more, below.

Next week: Just like in 2016, Dave Chappelle has been tapped for post-election hosting duties and he'll surely have lots to say whoever wins.

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