Before there were music blogs and streaming services, one of the only ways you could hear new, independent, underground music was college radio, and bands like R.E.M., Pixies, The Smiths, The Replacements, Sonic Youth, Red Hot Chili Peppers and U2 owe more than a little of their success to sleep-deprived DJs who (speaking for myself here) cut class for their on-air shifts. New documentary 35,000 Watts looks at the heyday of college radio and features interviews with members of The Pixies, Bratmobile, Apples in Stereo and more.

Here's the synopsis:

This is the untold story of college radio brought to life by the students behind the mic and the bands they made famous. It’s the story of the youth and music culture that originated, and later flourished, on the airwaves of American colleges and universities, establishing a new generational voice and a new path to success for many alumni and artists.

The film is a celebration of the independent spirit that created so many culture-defining stations and kept them on the air for generations. 35000 WATTS: THE STORY OF COLLEGE RADIO delves into the ongoing impact and legacy of those who were at the epicenter of this radio revolution.

35,000 Watts: The Story of College Radio, directed by onetime KTXT DJ/GM Michael Millard, is currently in production and you can support its Kickstarter. They've put together an early-look trailer, and anyone who worked in college radio will be sent back in time with images and stories of those student-run stations. Watch that below.

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