You may remember that The National‘s Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner and Matt Berninger, along with Berninger’s wife Carin Besser, wrote songs for a musical version of classic Edmond Rostand story Cyrano de Bergerac a few years ago, which was a collaboration with theater writer/director Erica Schmidt. That has now been made into a movie, directed by the very talented Joe Wright (Hanna, Atonement), which stars Schmidt’s husband, Peter Dinklage as Cyrano, Haley Bennett as Roxanne, and Kevin Harrison Jr as Christian. The film, which was shot during lockdown in Sicily, also features cameos from musicians Glen Hansard, Sam Amidon, and Scott Folan. It’s been getting good reviews and will be out December 25 in select theaters.

The trailer for Cyrano has just been released and it’s set to the song “Someone to Say,” which is a very classic musical type song, sung from the perspectives of different characters. You also get a good sense of the scale of this film, which is marrying “sweeping period piece” with “modern musical.” Watch the trailer below.