Verotika, the horror film written and directed by Glenn Danzig, has had a few screenings around the country (like in NYC in October) but the general public will finally be able to get its eyeballs on it en masse on February 25 when you can get it on Blu-ray or rent it on demand/digitally. With that news comes the trailer. Danzig has name-checked '70s European horror as an inspiration, but your mind might turn to Tommy Wiseau with the clearly low budget, very "video" look of this. That said, watching a post-screening Q&A with Danzig from last summer, he clearly knows what kind of flick Verotika is and it does seem like fun in a midnight movie kind of way. Watch that, via Entertainment Weekly, below.

Meanwhile, Danzig's keeping the "Original" Misfits reunion going, with the band lined up to play Mexico City's Domination Festival.

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