Streaming service Paramount+, which used to be called CBS All Access, is rebooting all sorts of Viacom-owned shows from MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, Nickelodeon and more. Among them: VH1's popular Behind the Music documentary series which originally ran from 1997 - 2012 and will make its return on July 29 with episodes on LL Cool J and Ricky Martin. New episodes will then debut Thursdays throughout the summer, including ones on Huey Lewis, Busta Rhymes, Duran Duran, New Kids on the Block, Bret Michaels and Fat Joe. The second half of the season will air later this year, including episodes with Jennifer Lopez and more to be announced.

They've just released the trailer which features clips from all the episodes, including more than a few teary-eyed pop stars. What the trailer doesn't feature is the original's distinctive narration by Jim Forbes (though without commercial breaks, he would have no reason to intone "Next..."). You can watch Behind the Music trailer, and check out the episode schedule, below.

Behind the Music Season 1, Part 1 Schedule
Ricky Martin: July 29
LL Cool J: July 29
Huey Lewis: August 5
Busta Rhymes: August 12
Duran Duran: August 19
New Kids On The Block: August 26
Bret Michaels: September 2
Fat Joe: September 9

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