Streaming channel CBS All Access becomes Paramount+ on March 4 and one of the first new shows to debut will be The Real World Homecoming: New York, which reunites the original 1992 cast of MTV's The Real World for a six-part reunion series. For it, the original "seven strangers" -- Norman, Julie, Becky, Kevin, Andre, Heather, and Eric -- move back into the exact same Soho loft from the original series.

The address may not be the only thing that hasn't changed. Judging by the trailer, it seems that a few of the tensions from the original show -- which basically created the mold for what we know as reality shows today -- are still lingering. Add to that that they filmed it in the middle of the pandemic, tensions may be even higher. It should be interesting catching up with the gang.

The Real World Homecoming: New York debuts March 4 on Paramount+ and the rest of the episodes will come out weekly. Watch the trailer below.

This is just part of the massive amount of original content Paramount+ has planned, including a bunch of nostalgic reboots: Yo! MTV Raps, Unplugged, Behind the Music, Road Rules, Rugrats, Spongebob, dramatic series based on Flashdance and Grease, and so much more.

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