Having recently put out the two-song "Please Don't Take Me Back" / "My Heart Is A Drummer" single, UK DIY band Martha have another new two-song single arriving digitally this Friday (7/15) via Dirtnap, with their new song "Beat Perpetual" backed by a cover of Tenement's "Dreaming Out Loud." Ahead of the release, we're premiering "Beat Perpetual," an anthemic pop punk jam that comes with a darkly funny music video (made by Baby Pony Food). Bandmate Nathan Stephens-Griffin says:

"Beat Perpetual" is about being stuck indoors when you live for the road. Not being able to tour or play for such a long time has been really difficult, and as trivial as missing gigs might seem compared to the brutality of the past two years, it has taken a toll on people whose lives revolve around music. In spite of it all, we’ll keep rolling on.

The song was produced by 'Bad' Phil Booth and mixed by Phil along with Rich Collins and Rob Newman, and the Tenement cover was recorded by Neil Combstock. A limited vinyl release is coming later this month, and you can pre-order physical copies in the US from Green Noise Records and in the UK from Specialist Subject.

Check out the new song and video:

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