The latest video from the Two Minutes to Late Night crew is a little different from their more typical fare, where they bring together lots of special guests to perform a metal-themed cover. This time, members of Thursday (joined by Jordan Olds aka Gwarsenio Hall, on keyboard) gather remotely to cover fellow iconic NJ artist Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" for Andy Bustillos, who played "2005 Scene Kid" on 2MTLN. He's fighting stage III cancer, and is raising money to help pay for treatment.

Jordan writes, "This week we got New Jersey covering New Jersey! We asked Thursday to put this cover together for our friend Andy Bustillos (2005 Scene Kid.) All the patreon fees and eventual Bandcamp profits of this track will go to help his medical bills and the Cancer Research Institute. The guys in Thursday killed this cover and really made a perfect song their own. This Jewish wedding classic now sounds like it should be track 5 on Full Collapse. So much love to Andy and the fellas in Thursday. We hope you guys enjoy it too. Next week in Jersey covering Jersey we have Lifetime covering Bon Jovi and a Taylor Ham covering an episode of The Sopranos."

Watch the "Dancing in the Dark" video below.

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