Art pop group Tiny Hazard released their very good album Greyland earlier this year via Ba Da Bing (order yours), and they've since made a video for the song "Thirsty Sponge." The album has some real spastic stuff on it, but "Thirsty Sponge" is one of the quieter songs, and the minimal video (directed by Vanessa Haddad and shot by Adam Gundersheimer) suits it well. It stars singer Alena Spanger, who tells us, "'Thirsty Sponge' depicts the resignation of losing a partner who acted as a mirror, and inevitably, shaped so much of my identity. The video is the performance of a sort of embalming ritual. I interpret it as a rather desperate act of self-preservation in those very alone moments after having lost this mirror." Watch above.

Tiny Hazard just played a BrooklynVegan Northside show with Aldous Harding and M Lamar. Check out pictures.