In addition to being the most famous skateboarder of all time, Tony Hawk has helped shape the music taste of thousands with the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater soundtracks. (He also contributed to the liner notes of a recent Circle Jerks reissue.) So it should come as no surprise that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater soundtrack tribute bands exist, but what was a surprise, is that Tony Hawk himself joined one of them on stage in London over the weekend! They're called The 900 (after Tony's legendary trick), and Tony did Goldfinger's "Superman" and Agent Orange's "Bloodstains" with them, and it looked like it was a blast. Check out some videos below.

The 900 spoke to NME about it:

Hawk messaged the band saying “he was going to try and make it down to a show whilst he was in England,” to which The 900 “took the opportunity to ask if he would be up for doing a couple of songs with us – luckily for us and the audience, he said yes.”

[...] On playing ‘Bloodstains’, Hawk told the crowd that it was one of his “gateways” into punk rock. After the gig, Hawk said that ‘Bloodstains’ “was one of the first punk songs I heard as a kid and it was a catalyst for shaping the soundtracks to [Pro Skater] games.”

“We were so thankful he agreed to do this,” shared The 900, adding that “it was a beautiful moment for everyone in the room” – including Hawk, who “seemed equally as gassed to be up on stage belting out the songs.”

The use of "Superman" in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was parodied on SNL last year. There's also a Duplass Brothers-produced Tony Hawk documentary coming to HBO.

Watch Tony Hawk sing with The 900:

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