Last fall, Toronto punks Talk Show Host signed to Wiretap for their debut LP, and they since revealed that the album is called Mid-Century Modern and due June 4 via Wiretap/Disconnect Disconnect. The album doesn't include the band's standalone 2020 single "This Monologue," but it does include recent single "Blood In The Sand" and the new "Crisis Actors," which premieres in this post.

"'Crisis Actors' was written a couple of years ago and I distinctly remember worrying that the lyrics might seem dated by the time we released it, especially after we had to delay the record due to COVID," vocalist/guitarist Chris Veinot tells us. "Fortunately (?) I didn’t have to worry at all! Hooray? Yes, it’s about stupid internet bullshit, but at its core it’s about trying (and pretty much always failing) to empathize with someone who doesn’t seem open to empathy."

"The video was another lockdown concoction, and evolved as a kind of visual history of how my relationship with the electronic world has evolved since the early '90s. But mostly it was an excuse to play ZZT again. Everyone remembers ZZT, right??"

Musically, "Crisis Actors" is a darker song compared to the bright, power-poppy "Blood In The Sand." It's a moody, minor-key punk song with hints of Bad Religion, Samiam, Jawbreaker, and other classic '90s-ish punk, and if you're into that kinda thing you should definitely give it a listen. The song hits streaming services on April 30 (pre-save) but the video premieres right here:

And here's the "Blood In The Sand" video:

Talk Show Host

1. U A$Shole!
2. Blood in the Sand
3. Crisis Actors
4. Warmest Condolences
5. Sorry, My Mistake
6. Syntax Error OK
7. Up to No Good
8. Too Many Problems
9. The Ballad of Jack Nance
10. Lame Duck


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