Post-rock vets Tortoise released The Catastrophist, their first album in seven years, this past January on Thrill Jockey, and they recently recorded a live-in-studio version of "Shake Hands With Danger" off that album for the Almost Live from Joyful Noise series. They pressed 100 copies of the recording on 7" vinyl, and all of them are sold out, but we're now premiering a video of the band recording the session, which also doubles as the song's digital release. "Shake Hands With Danger" brings an old school hip hop beat together with free-form psych rock guitar, and a heavy dose of synthetic marimba/xylophone (or something like that). Check out the video below.

Here's more from Joyful Noise about this series:

The Almost Live from Joyful Noise series takes place in the small performance space at Joyful Noise's Indianapolis headquarters. We invite some of our favorite bands to record a limited edition single, tracked live in our empty performance space (hence 'almost' live.) We then cut the records on the spot, using our 1940s record lathe - creating unique, lo-fi records that are square, white, hand-numbered, and packaged in screen-printed jackets.

Past "Almost LIve" releases include Built to Spill, Melvins, and of Montreal.


Was the song title inspired by this (unintentionally hilarious) 1980 safety film?

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