Iconic all-ages, DIY, nonprofit Berkeley venue 924 Gilman put on a livestream festival to raise money to help keep the venue alive on Saturday night (5/16), co-presented by Epitaph Records and CLIF GreenNotes, the latter of whom will be matching donations up to $10k. It featured never-seen footage of classic Gilman sets by Fugazi, MDC, Neurosis, and Operation Ivy; plus live sets from awakebutstillinbed (who played solo acoustic), Mom Jeans (ditto), Small Crush (also ditto), Sarchasm (who actually streamed their set from the venue), Thick, Destroy Boys, Grumpster, Rosie Tucker, Sour Widows, and a headlining set from Touche Amore guitarist Nick Steinhardt, who covered a song by classic Gilman band AFI (who Touche toured with in 2013) with Abigail Kelly on vocals.

"I definitely would not be playing music in the same capacity now without [Gilman's] existence," Nick said. "AFI, The Nerve Agents, Tiger Army, Op Ivy, and Rancid were huge inspirations for me and my friends to start playing music together. [...] I'll be covering 'God Called In Sick Today,' one of the first AFI songs I ever heard. This band has been a massive influence on how I play guitar, and write songs, and was really my gateway into punk and hardcore." Nick really reinvented the song, adding in pedal steel parts (which he said was inspired by Tiger Army), and his and Abigail's rendition sounded pretty great. Watch below (starting at the 1:32:48 mark).

The venue writes:

Thank you everyone for tuning in, and to CLIF GreenNotes & Epitaph Records for your support. All of you mean the world to us. Take care of yourselves and each other, support your local all ages venues, and we’ll hopefully see you all soon! The livestream will continue to be accessible on our Facebook if you wanna go back and watch it, and we’re working on putting on similar fun stuff in the future. Much love!

You can still donate to 924 Gilman here.


Check out photos of Touche Amore at Warsaw in Brooklyn in 2018:

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