Touche Amore have released a video for the title track of their excellent new album Lament. The CGI animated video was created by visual artist Sujin Kim, and it's made up of 3D renderings of sculptures, nature, and more. The band's guitarist and art director, Nick Steinhardt, said:

The original concept centered around being used up and tossed aside over and over again until you’ve had enough. Told through the story of earth and clay, pot and plant, the interplay between a lifeform and vessel, constraint versus freedom, nourishment and depletion via a symbiotic relationship. The poetic and dark nature of Sujin Kim’s work immediately resonated with me, and it became clear from our initial conversations about words and meaning that a conceptual approach was just as important as the overall aesthetic. Aside from the time-intensive nature of CGI itself, we began diving into my initial treatment, discussing lyrical themes on a deep intellectual level. We touched on topics ranging from the Japanese art of ceramic repair to the unusual flora and peeling bark of rare trees from Mexico and Socotra.

Sujin Kim added to The FADER, "Making a full CGI animated music video for post-hardcore music was a highly experimental and new visual attempt for me. Collaborating with great musicians made the whole process of creation so much smooth and perfect."



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